Samah Ellaithy 

                   self-taught photographer since 1988

    one must photograph with eye and heart .

            Henri Cartier - Bresson





  Born in                  : Cairo , Egypt  .

  Date                        : 27 May 1968 .

  Sign                        : Gemini .                                                                                                            

  High School     : 1986 Dubai , UAE .

 College Study  : Psychology , Cairo , Egypt .

Photography   : Self - taught  Photographer,since 1988                                                                                              

Work and live  : In Cairo , Egypt .





        31 years ago I started photography . My

      interest in photography stemmed from

       my interest in the moving image. Not 

      having the opportunity to study cinema I

      turned to photography instead and taught

      myself. My university psychology degree

      was the springboard, which compelled

      me to study people and the world through

      the stasis of the lens. “ I like to analyze

      people in a psychological way to analyze




      Most of my photographs are with

     people. One photographer once said “ a

     picture without a human being is dead.” I

     have an intuitive feel for world I inhabits

     and I am convinced that this must be

     strongest when I squints through the lens.“

      I have to be honest with myself first and

      then the picture will be good. I must feel

     first. Sometimes when I click the camera

     there is another click in my heart, and

     sometimes I know the picture will be




        I approach photography both

     intellectually and emotionally. I  

     admires the great like “Eisenstadt, Henry

     Cartier – Bresson and Stieglitz, Capa, etc

       …and I am an avid reader of their   

      philosophies. Part of my intuitive “feeling”

      is being in touch with art in all its diversity

      and to imbibe all the knowledge I

      can . Stieglitz once said: “ to be a good

      photographer you have to study the best

      pictures from painting to photography,

      visit exhibitions, and museums, steep

      yourself in them [the best pictures] until

      they become a part of your being. Then if

      there be any trace of originality within

      you you will intuitively adapt what you

      have thus made a part of yourself, and

      tinctured by your personality you will

      evolve that which is called style”



      I am continuously aim to stretch

      myself and embrace change. My

      photographs are characteristically

      untitled “ I don’t think a picture or a work

      of art needs to be categorized, this is not a

      TV catalogue.”



         Art photography is a victim in

      Egypt, because most people look at I

      from that way “ it is a camera work, it is

      not an art”. So still art photography

      exhibitions is few in Egypt, although in the

      past 2 to 3 years, the number of private

      galleries interested in showing art

      photography is increasing. We don’t have

      photography schools in Egypt, specialized

      in teaching all kinds of photography. We

      don’t have museums for art photography

      in Egypt and even our art museums don’t

      show photography artwork. An art

      photographer like me had to work in

      commercials to pay for their checks.



       I work as a free-lance photographer,   

     graphic designer, web designer and

    writer. I love to be free in my work to do

    what I am interested in. I love to learn

    new things always, things related to

    art, to life itself.