Samah Ellaithy

                self-taught photographer since 1988




The Ability to throw your arms around life.

                    “Barbara Morgan”




Words of great photographers inspired me , and still .



 1- Alfred Stieglitz 


The only advise is to study the best pictures in all media ,

 from painting to photography , and to study them again

and again , analyze them , steep yourself in them , until

 they become a part of your esthetic being .


Then , if there be any trace of originality within you ,

 you will intuitively adopt what you have thus made a

 part of yourself , and tinctured by your personality ,

you will evolve that which is

called style .



2- “Cornell Capa"


When you can keep looking at it and keep finding more

 and more in the photograph over a period of time.

 When you feel that it sustains and nourishes you, first

 on one level and then in another, both as your own

capacity to appreciate   grows  and as a photograph

 simple more powerful in its own right over a period of




3- “Andre’ Kertesz”:


If people accepted it they accepted it if they didn’t they

 didn’t I didn’t want to go in another   direction in order

 to be  accepted. I had my style, I didn’t want changing

 into an  American



4- “Duane Michaels”:


I think photographs should ask questions. Should not tell

 me  what I already know. 



5 “Barbara Morgan”:


The Ability to throw your arms around life.



6- “Philippe Halsmen”:


The face is the only part the body that permits us to see

the inner person.



7- “Yousuf Karsh”:


There is a brief moment when all that there is in man’s

 mind and soul and spirit may be  reflected through, his

 eyes, his hands, his attitude. This is the moment to

 record. This is the elusive moment of truth.



8- “George Kalinsky”:


I try to capture the height of emotion in my subjects

 their fear, joy, sadness or pain.



9- “John Zimmerman”:


You should follow your own instincts and pursue your

 own ideas.



10 “Alfred Eisenstaedt”:


The qualification for the profession were an, alert eye,

 considerable heart, strong stomach



11- “Henri Cartier- Bresson”:


One must photograph with the eye and heart.

He never arranges a scene nor does he pose or direct the




12- “Alfred Stieglitz”:


Not rooted to things rooted to spirit not rooted to earth;

 rooted to air … wherever he is …he is Always evolving –

 always going more and more deeply into life – into